5 things to know before launching a website

I know, launching a new website is a big project. Similar to renovating a physical property, it requires a lot of coordination and communication between different parties. And like other questions, to do it well requires intentionality, forethought, and flexibility.

To ensure that it reaches maximum potential, you need to pay attention to some important steps before launching your website. Yes, it may sound boring, but it’s necessary to help your new site perform at its peak potential.

You may be wondering what to do next. Well, fear not, I’m here to help! This article will tell you what happens if you do nothing before your website is online, and how to make sure your website gets you gaining customers, traffic, and sales after its launching.

Checklist: 5 things to do before launching a website

1. Implement search engine optimization (SEO)

Besides working with a web designer, to make sure that your site has a great look and reaches your target, you should also have an SEO specialist to ensure your new website’s search friendliness.

2. Use social media to launch a website

Social media is a great way to promote your brand new website! There are hundreds of millions of people using social networks. If you build your social media accounts correctly, the sky’s the limit to how many people you can reach.

3. Set up your newsletter service before launching your website

When you have launched your website, send out a newsletter, spread the word, and let people know about it.

Create a blog before launching your website

4. Create a blog

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up owner, or business professional, you need a blog for your website. You’ll be missing out on lost opportunities if you’re not harnessing the power of a blog…. Like this one.

5. Testing, 1, 2, 3

Last, but not least, test everything, starting with usability testing. Some examples are checking links, seeing how your site looks across different browsers (for example, on desktop and mobile), and proofreading the site.

What about launching your new website with me?

Launching a new website is an investment of time, money, and resources. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to get your website in front of new people. To make sure that you are doing it right, a perfect solution is to hire a freelance web developer. Here I am to help you! Let’s talk!



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