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Hey there, I’m Andrew, a freelance Web designer, and developer that has spent the last 10+ years pushing the limits of digital design.

Why hire LWN as your Freelance WordPress Developer

If your WordPress solution is not up to scratch, it could affect your business and it’s profits.


Customize your site look or develop a new one from scratch.


I believe beautiful websites and successful campaigns can be affordable to everyone.


Customize your site functionality or build a new one from scratch.


Quickly fix urgent bugs and have your site always running.



Secure your website and make it fly.


Powerful and secure hosting to make your brand new website shine.

The Journey So Far…

Lines of code

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

My Latest Work

What can an expert Freelance WordPress Developer do for you

Common scenarios where I shine

  • Custom WordPress Theme Development (PSD, Sketch, XD)
  • Wordpress Theme Installation, Tweaking + Customisation
  • Wordpress Plugin Installation, Tweaking + Customisation
  • Drupal to WordPress Migration
  • WP Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi
  • Website Cloning or Duplication (set up a test/staging website)
  • Advanced Custom Field Installation, Integration and Customisation
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Fresh Server Configuration

Kind words from people who have hired me

“Happy to say that the last year was a joy working in a team with someone as dedicated to excellence and server security as Andrew. From collaborating in the smooth migration of messy Drupal sites into the WordPress system to catching a glimpse of the magic that goes into DevOps and system admin. I only wish there was more time to learn from a true master.”

Rene Zimmerman

“I would be lost without Andrew. He impressed me on multiple levels, especially for someone who needs a website done fast and functional.”

Kate Thorpe

Working with Andrew has been an absolute pleasure and he is an asset to any team. Andrew approaches all tasks with enthusiasm, and in addition to working well in a team of peers, he also has the ability to communicate his extensive knowledge to less technical team members with clarity and patience.

Anna Louise Fogg

“Andrew was extremely personable and responsive. He really demonstrated his knowledge with server setup, PHP, and of course WordPress. Would absolutely recommend… in fact I’ll be using him again in the future!.”

Brent Jackson

Director of Website Development, AcrobatAnt


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